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Sama-sama translates to welcome in Malay


Sama-sama also means ‘together’

The Sama-sama Spa aims to be the first socially responsible Spa in Malaysia to use a corporate profit model to empower underprivileged women in Malaysia and to provide a fully Syariah compliant option of spa products and services to our discerning customers.

The Spa is operated by trainees to equip them with entrepreneurial experience and skills to empower them to change their socio-economic status and transform them into micro entrepreneurs.


Together we want to build a sustainable business for social good that resonates with customers.

Our Social Impact
Syariah Compliance

The Sama Sama mission is one that is unique: 
its purpose is simply to offer customers a syariah compliant option for beauty. 

We offer high quality, affordable and exceptional beauty services for all customers but designed stringently enough to meet the niche needs of the modern yet conservative Islamic woman in compliance to the requirements of the syariah.

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